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Mani peninsula

Where the sea meets rocks and stone towers...

Where the sea meets rocks and stone towers...

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Mani peninsula: where the sea meets rocks and stone towers

The Peloponnese is an ideal destination for those looking for an adventurous roadtrip in Greece, and the Mani peninsula has a wild, untamed beauty that charms every visitor. The combination of the sea with the rocky landscape is the perfect place to explore in the comfort of your car.

Within 3.5 hours from Patra's port, make your first stop at Githio; a coastal town with many choices of cafes and restaurants on the seafront.

Mani expands in both west and east Peloponnese. Before exploring the western area, you should visit the eastern side and the town of Monemvasia; a traditional town with medieval architecture. You will be surprised that there are not any streets, only cobblestone paths. In the Old Town, there is a medieval fortress where locals still live there. Wander around its narrow streets and have a break for a glass of wine during the sunset. The sea view is amazing! On the west, you will find Areopoli; the hometown of many traditional stone towers, which you can explore and feel the spirit of living as a local at the central square. Taste Greek coffee and regional specialities such as traditional pies. Don't forget to take with you local goodies.

Leaving Aeropolis, do not forget to make a stop in Vathia. It is a traditional settlement where time had stopped. The so-called tower houses were built between the 18th and 19th centuries and are a monument to the architectural tradition.  

Less than 20 minutes from Areopoli is Oitylo, a place you should not miss visiting. Its major attraction is the castle of Kelephas constructed by Ottomans to control Mani's unbeaten people. As Oitylo was built on the top of a hill, it offers stunning views of Limeni.

So… what about Limeni? Limeni is the jewel of the entire region and is known for its unique natural beauty. It is characterized as a small fish town where you can find fresh seafood dishes totally value for money. If you're travelling during summertime, you will be thrilled by the crystal-clear waters. A dive is for sure worth trying.  

On your way to the next experience, you will meet Kardamili and the Mourtzinos Castle. Keep in mind that you can book a tour and find out information regarding its history. Do not miss visiting local stores and find olive products, as the area is famous for the extra virgin olive oil.

Book your tickets and travel to Greece in the comfort of SUPERFAST FERRIES while having a lifetime experience. Mani peninsula will for sure remain as a sweet memory!

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