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Registration of details of companion animals travelling on passenger vessels

In application of the legal framework in force (Article 18(7) of Law 4830/2021 / Government Gazette, Series I, No 169/18.09.2021), passengers travelling with pets must state this during reservation/issuing of their tickets so that it can be recorded in the electronic reservation system and the ticket can be issued.

Issuing of tickets for pets is mandatory, and the following data are required/recorded:

  • Pet Passport number or Pet Health Certificate number
  • Category of Animal (e.g. Companion, Therapy, Assistance)*
  • Size of Animal (Large > 10 Kg or Small <= 10 Kg)
  • Class (Pet in cabin / Pet in kennel / Pet on deck)

Escorts must have the pet’s health certificate with them at all times (residents of the European Union must also have the pet’s official EU Pet Passport with them), follow all boarding procedures and be responsible for the care, safety and hygiene of the pet throughout the journey. Cats, dogs and ferrets must have proof of vaccination against rabies.

Each passenger may travel with maximum 5 pets owned by the passenger, they must be fully vaccinated and each one must have its own health booklet.

* We clarify that, based on Law 4830/2021 / Government Gazette, Series I, No 169/18.09.2021 (Article 2, paragraphs 3, 4 & 5), the following definitions apply:

3. ‘Pet animal’: any animal that is or is to be maintained by a person, mainly in the home, out of fondness for animals. If articles of this law concern specific pets, such as dogs or cats, this is stated explicitly. Pets include assistance dogs, working dogs and therapy pets. Wild animals may not be kept as pets.

4. ‘Pet with owner’: pet that has an owner. The direct offspring of a dog or cat with an owner are automatically understood as being owned by the owner of the female parent.

5. ‘Stray pet’: pet that does not have an owner.


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