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Hiking in Epirus

Reveal mountainous beauty at your feet

Reveal mountainous beauty at your feet

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Hiking in Epirus

Looking for an adventure packed with exploration and relaxation? Look no further than an unforgettable road trip and hiking experience in Epirus, Greece. With towering mountains, pristine forests, and gushing rivers, there are endless opportunities for exploration. And when you need a break from all the hiking, you can relax in one of the many picturesque villages.      

The experience starts on board while crossing the Adriatic Sea in your comfortable cabin. As soon as you approach Igoumenitsa, the beauty of the area is revealed to the visitor as the ship enters the port. Step out onto the deck and admire the view of Greece’s northern mainland rising in the background. 

Arriving at the port, the road trip starts, and the first destination is the region of Tzoumerka. About two hours drive from Igoumenitsa you will find two of the most picturesque villages in the area. Known for their history, their hiking trails, and their traditional cuisine, Syrrako and Kalarrytes are the best place to start. 

The two villages are connected through a historical path that crosses the Kalarrytikos river. Start your hike from Syrrako towards Kalarrytes and enjoy the natural scenery of this mountainous paradise. Hiking is quite easy and takes one and a half hour. When you arrive in Kalarrytes, you will find traditional taverns with very friendly owners that will introduce you to both the flavors and the history of the region.

As you leave Kalarrytes behind, make a short stop at the monastery of Kipina. Built inside the rocks of the mountain, it is so emblematic that will impress even the most demanding ones.

Next stop, Zagorochoria! Hidden in the slopes of Tymfi, Zagorochoria deserves its reputation to the fullest. Where the cars cannot reach, the hike begins, and the place reveals its secrets to those who are willing to explore it. Start your hike from the bridge of Aristi to the famous stone-built bridge of Kleidonia. The journey is easy and takes two to two and a half hours. The most beautiful natural landscapes, the leafy trees, and the turquoise waters of the Voidomatis river reward those who choose to go hiking. In the middle of the route do not forget to stop at the abandoned monastery of Agioi Anargyroi. Built in 1658, it has hagiographies inside, that survive until today.

Next destination is Mikro Papigo, only 2 hours away from Zagorochoria through a scenic landscape. The most famous hiking trail in the area is the one that starts from Mikro Papigo to the alpine lake Drakolimni and it is quite demanding, as it takes about 5 hours. Along it, you can refuel with water in the stone-built springs and rest in the shady kiosks. Shortly after the middle of the route is the refuge of Astraka, which gives you the opportunity to stay overnight if you wish and it is highly recommended as one-of-a-kind experience. Do not forget to try homemade food and enjoy the unique mountain view from the refuge. Reaching an altitude of 2050 meters, those who dare this hike will be rewarded at the end. The impressive Drakolimni is revealed and will take your breath away.

When you get back at Mikro Papigo, don’t forget to reward yourself with a short stop for dessert and traditional Greek coffee. There are several cafes in the area that serve amazing homemade desserts and local pies.

Epirus is a place that rewards those who are willing to explore it, besides one of the most beautiful hiking destinations. Book your tickets with SUPERFAST FERRIES, pack your sports gear and get ready for a breathtaking road trip in the unique landscapes of Greece.  


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