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The untouched beauty of Arcadia

Blending nature and adventure from mountain trails to beach getaways

Blending nature and adventure from mountain trails to beach getaways

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Blending nature and adventure from mountain trails to beach getaways

According to Greek Mythology, Arcadia is identified as the lost version of paradise, the place of residence for nymphs and spirits of nature. This mythical place, in the heart of the Peloponnese, is located just 3 hours away from the port of Patras, waiting for you to explore.

A year-round destination with mountainous routes, stone-built villages, and exotic beaches, Arcadia has something special to offer whichever season you choose to visit.

Enjoy the experience on board in the astonishing view of the Adriatic Sea while planning your trip to this utopia land, from its green forests and large mountains to the amazing beaches and picturesque fishing villages.

In less than 3 hours of driving from Patra's port, you're reaching the famous Dimitsana. Built on a hill of 1000 meters, it has been characterized as a preserved traditional settlement. The picturesque central square and the cobbled streets steal the show; however, there is so much more to see. Dimitsana is the starting point of many hiking routes, which is why it is a reference point of mountainous Arcadia.

One of the most famous routes is the path that connects Dimitsana with the village of Stemnitsa. Hiking takes approximately 4 to 5 hours and crosses a distance of 12.5 km and this unique route passes through the Lousios river gorge. Apart from the natural beauty in the whole way, as you continue in the trail, you will be able to see stone bridges and historic Monasteries, like the Holy Monastery of the Philosopher, built in 963 A.D. 

In a near distance, the second most famous Arcadian village is Vytina. Known for the traditional architecture of the houses and the local cuisine perfectly represents the Peloponnesian culture. Do not forget to walk through the "Road of love" which is undoubtedly the most romantic spot in the village. According to history the young women and men of the area used to meet there in order to find a match. The entire area, such as Dimitsana, is known for its exciting hiking trails. Starting from Vytina towards Elati there is a beautiful route that passes through the gorge of the river Mylaontas; where small waterfalls, wooden bridges, and traditional stone watermills are the main features of this 2,5 hours path.

Although the mountainous Arcadia is the star of the region, the eastern seaside area of the prefecture has nothing to envy. Exotic sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters starring at the east side of Arcadia.

Driving the coastal route Astros-Leonidio, you will understand why the Greek sea enjoys worldwide recognition. The endless coastline offers countless options for swimming and the Argolic Gulf is one of the friendliest seas in Greece, since the water temperature remains warm most months of the year.

In a small distance from Astros, you can find the famous Callisto. This blue flag-awarded beach is organized with umbrellas and sun loungers and is the perfect choice for swimming and relaxing. A little further south, Portes beach is located. It is particularly open to winds, making it an ideal choice for surf enthusiasts.

The hidden treasure of the area, though, is the beach Tigani. Olive and pine trees that reach the waves, blue green waters, and the smell of the Greek sea compose the ideal relaxation setting.

The road trip ends at the famous village Leonidio, located between a cliff and the sea. The gastronomy treasure of the village is the well-known "Tsakoniki melitzana" an eggplant known for its sweetness, used in many local dishes. A try is highly recommended!

Apart from the fresh vegetables, you cannot miss tasting fresh fish and seafood on your way to Arcadia's east side. Little fishing villages with friendly local fishermen will introduce you to what the Mediterranean Sea generously offers.

Arcadia is a gifted region that offers the very best of both worlds– mountains and sea. Whenever you choose to visit this utopian land, it will reward you. Book your tickets now with SUPERFAST FERRIES and explore this lost Eden of southern Greece.  

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