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Stunning Epirus

A route to explore history and natural landscapes

A route to explore history and natural landscapes

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Stunning Epirus: a route to explore history and natural landscapes

History, traditional villages, and local tastes compose the perfect setting for a roadtrip. And Epirus has it all!

Only an hour away from Igoumenitsa's port, you come across Ioannina; the capital of Epirus. The city's trademark is undoubtedly Lake Pamvotida, linked to the history and culture of Ioannina and the second oldest lake in Europe. Keep in mind that you can have a walk or a biking tour around the lake and enjoy the natural environment.  

Built on the west side of the lake, the oldest Byzantine castle in Greece, connects the city's history from antiquity to the present. Gaze around the stone houses, the impressive gates and the town's cobbled streets and take a break to taste the local pies and sweets.

Leaving Ioannina behind, you will meet Zagorochoria in an hour's ride. No words can describe the beauty of these villages. Mansions made of stone, cobbled streets, traditional flavours, and famous hiking trails make the scenery magical.

Next stop: Papigo or, in other words, the starting point of one of the most famous hiking trails in Greece, which leads to the alpine lake Drakolimni. The village of Monodendri also stands out. The large platanus in the village square is a meeting point for the locals as well as visitors who would make an attempt to walk through the gorge of Vikos.

Continuing your trip to the mainland, Tzoumerka is a must-see destination. Less well-known but just as imposing as Zagorochoria, Tzoumerka is a destination for those who are not only interested in the main touristy attractions of a country but really want to experience it. The area's highlights are the bridges connecting the riverbanks of Arachthos and Kalarrytikos, and their breathtaking architecture harmonizes perfectly with the place's natural beauty! Tzoumerka is also a destination for foodies! Traditional cafes and taverns offer local appetizers, traditional sweets, and of course, local wine.

Bonus Tip: If you are a water sports enthusiast, do not miss visiting river Voidomatis; known for its various river sports, such as rafting and canyoning.

Looking forward to living the experience? Book your tickets and travel with safety and comfort with SUPERFAST FERRIES to that magical roadtrip, that will fill you with beautiful images and memories! 

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