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Pindos' natural landscape

Embracing the adventure

Embracing the adventure

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Embracing the adventure

Embark on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Pindos, where nature and adventure await to be discovered. This road trip will take you through the enchanting region of Grevena, the picturesque Vlachohoria villages, and the fascinating Vasilitsa, making it a dream coming true for mountain and ski lovers.

Your journey begins in Grevena, a town built by the Pindos mountains, where the Venetikos River winds its way through lush valleys. Grevena is the perfect beginning point for hikers, as its paths lead to hidden waterfalls and ancient, moss-covered bridges. The town is also famous for its rich biodiversity, particularly its mushrooms, which are celebrated annually every June at the Mushroom Museum.

When exploring Grevena, make sure to visit the stunning Monastery of Voutsas, perched on a cliff with breathtaking panoramic view. The Monastery's rich history and spiritual significance make it a must-see attraction. Take a leisurely hike through the lush forests surrounding the monastery, immersing yourself in the tranquility of nature.

As you leave Grevena behind, a new adventure awaits in the enchanting Vlachohoria villages. These hidden gems are known for their eye-catching architecture, stunning view, and vibrant scenery. As you drive through Krania, Perivoli, Avdella, Smixi Samarina, you will come across the village’s unique character.

In Krania, you'll have the opportunity to visit the famous stone bridges and the stunning Boulouvarou waterfalls. As you continue your journey,  Vlachomilia are next, where you can start your hike towards the core of the Pindos National Park, Valia Kalda. Explore the park's network of trails and be captivated by the serene beauty that unfolds before you. Keep an eye out for the park's resident wildlife, including brown bears, wolves, and golden eagles.

Continue your exploration to the village of Perivoli, a starting point for numerous trails that snake through the Pindos mountain. As you wander through the village, immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes that surround you. While Smixi and Samarina perched high in the mountains, serving as a serene retreat especially if you’re planning to visit the nearby Vasilitsa ski resort.

And of course, no road trip to Pindos would be complete without a visit to the Vasilitsa. Nestled in the heart of Pindos, this winter wonderland offers a wide range of winter activities, including skiing and snowboarding. With its well-groomed slopes, modern facilities, and stunning mountain views, Vasilitsa is a must-visit destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced skier, Vasilitsa has something for you. Hit the slopes and feel the adrenaline rush as you glide down the mountain. If skiing is not your thing, you can also enjoy a leisurely walk through the snow-covered forests or indulge in a warm cup of hot chocolate at one of the cozy mountain cafes.

Embrace the beauty of Pindos on your next mountain adventure and let its unrivaled landscapes captivate your senses. From the enchanting region of Grevena to the picturesque Vlachohoria villages and the exhilarating Vasilitsa, Pindos offers endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. Book your tickets with SUPERFAST FERRIES and plan your next road trip in Pindos for an unforgettable experience.

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