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Mountainous Greece

A Journey to enchanting Tzoumerka

A Journey to enchanting Tzoumerka

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Mountainous Greece

Tzoumerka is the definition of the untouched beauty that remains unaffected by the modern way of life and a unique choice for your Greek road trip. Whether you're looking for an adventure or just want to relax, you're sure to find something to love about in Tzoumerka!

Get a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the experience on board at SUPERFAST FERRIES indoor and outdoor bars. Arriving at Igoumenitsa port, in less than a two-hour drive, hidden in the corner of Epirus mainland, is located the region of Tzoumerka.

First stop on the route is Ellinikon village. The birthplace of the famous sculptor Theodoros Papagiannis tributes his work in every corner. Scattered on mountain slopes, in clearings and on roads, the work of the famous Greek sculptor deserves your attention. Do not forget to visit the museum of contemporary art in the village that hosts the Greek artist’s works. If you wish to go deeper to Greece’s culture, the monasteries located in the area are worth-visiting, as some of them have been characterized as historical monuments.

Continuing your route to the village of Kaletzi, the landscape has a lot to offer if you are willing to explore it on foot. In just 40 minutes of an easy hiking trail, you can find the waterfalls of Klifki. The water falls from 47 meters height and creates a natural lake. Small trails, traditional watermills and impressive caves complete this magical scenery.

Leaving Kaletzi behind and going Northern, the famous stone bridge of Plaka is a must-see stop. Built in 1866, it is the largest bridge in the Balkans and reaches a height of 40 meters. Turn your camera on for some magnetic snapshots!

Pramanta, the largest village in Tzoumerka, is next! Take a walk in the impressive square and admire the monuments built by locals to honor the ancestors who fought for liberation from the Turks. At village’s taverns, you can try local cuisine and Epirus’ specialties, such as pies and of course good roast meat.

The wine of the area is also famous, and there are several wineries that you can visit. The friendly owners invite you to experience the vineyards, see the facilities, and try wine tasting, combining the wines with local goodies.

In just 3 km from Pramanta, you find the cave on Anemotrypa, located at an altitude of 900 meters. The inner side of the cave will take your breath away. Stalagmites, stalactites, and small lakes compose a natural masterpiece.

Last but not least, the two most famous villages of Tzoumerka, Syrrako and Kalarites. Those two stone-made villages are an architectural marvel. Famous for being skilled builders, the locals built their houses on their own, using stone, and the houses remain so to this day.

The two villages, apart from their architectural beauty, stand out for their history and culture as well. Great personalities such as politicians, poets and the well-known jewelry designer Bulgari have origins from Syrrako.

The perfect end to a perfect road trip, will take place at the monastery of Kipina. This 13th-century monastery, chiseled out of a mountainside, was built from materials taken from the surrounding mountains. But the real secret of Holy Kipinas is in the monastery’s interior. A hidden cave stretching 240 meters into the rock is definitely worth the visit.

The region of Tzoumerka is the perfect choice to introduce you to the history, culture, and flavors of the Epirus mainland. So, book your tickets with SUPERFAST FERRIES and get ready to explore this unique corner of northern Greece.  

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