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Discovering Trikala

A route that crosses rivers and mountains!

A route that crosses rivers and mountains!

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Discovering Trikala: A route that crosses rivers and mountains!

Byzantine, Ottoman and Greek history, natural beauty, intense nightlife, modern infrastructures in urban lifestyle wait for you to explore in central Greece. Trikala is one of the most beautiful cities to start your trip and the first "smart" city in Greece, less than 3 hours away from Igoumenitsa's port.

Trikala is the only Greek city crossed by a river, that is called "Lithaios". The river passes through the city center, and gives visitors the opportunity to walk along, cross its bridges, or even have a picnic nearby its banks.

Varousi and Manavika are the most famous neighbourhoods, where you will have the chance to explore to the city's history, architecture and traditional Greek music and lifestyle. Trikala is also known as Greece's "European city" and the most bike-friendly city in the entire country. So, a bike tour along Lithaios river is strongly recommended…

Afterwards, visit the medieval fortress and feel its history, and do not miss the chance to climb up to the clock tower to take your snapshots from above with the magnificent view of the city.

Less than an hour from the city center, you come across two famous traditional mountainous villages, Elati and Pertouli. You will be thrilled by the old houses made of stone, the view of the mountain and the forest, not to mention the delicious local dishes you may find in traditional tavernas, such as the Trikala sausage, the galotyri, a soft cheese made of sheep's milk and the local spirit, tsipouro!

Keep in mind that in Elati, there are plenty of choices for outdoor activities, such as mountain bike, hiking or even climbing. On the other hand, Pertouli, offers horse riding experiences. Book yours and enjoy the experience!   

Next stop: Meteora in Kalambaka; a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Take a walk in the city center and you will come across two significant museums, the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Mushrooms. Hint: you can book a mushroom hunt in the forest, which is a unique experience for sure.

The giant rocks of Meteora, just above Kalambaka, and the monasteries on their peaks are breathtaking. Gaze the area and organize a visit at the Monasteries. The scenery is magnificent especially during sunset when you can get gorgeous photos. Spot on, if you like adventure, a network of hiking trails between the monasteries is the best way to explore Meteora. Then, stepping back to Kalambaka for a rest, a glass of wine from the local wineries is the best choice.

Want to live this unique experience? Pack your bags, book your tickets to Greece with SUPERFAST FERRIES and start your roadtrip itinerary that will be full of adventure!

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