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Corfu: the romantic Ionian Island

The UNESCO World Heritage Site

The UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Corfu: the romantic Ionian Island

Lush interior, pristine coastline, unique rock formations, and a romantic capital city. Corfu is a genuine gemstone, filled with the natural beauty of lush Mediterranean vegetation and stunning beaches, which you can visit in the comfort of SUPERFAST FERRIES.

Corfu town is the only Greek city whose castles surround the town, and one of the very few to have held off the Ottomans. Instead, you will be thrilled to see the influence of Venetians, French, and British. The Venetian rule for 4 centuries gave the island the most beautiful architecture. Taking a walk at the center of Old Town, which is built, within the imposing fortifications of the two fortresses, you have the chance to admire the Venetian-style buildings painted in pale yellow and orange.

Between the Old Town and the old fortress is the Spianada, a long green square that is a remnant of the Venetian fortifications in the 17th century. It is the largest square in the Balkans and took its name from the Italian word “spianare”, which means flatten and relates to the Venetian’s decision

On the Spiniada’s western boundary stands the Liston, an elegant arcade, designed by the French, in the style of the Rue de Rivoli in Paris. Spend some time in one of its fashionable cafes and elegant restaurants to taste the local dishes, such as pastitsada, sofrito and burdeto.

Furthermore, if you visit Corfu in spring or summer, do not miss the chance to go swimming in its crystal clear waters. Paleokastritsa, Myrtiotissa and Kassiopi beaches will amaze you!
Extra hint: If you are an adventure lover, try scuba diving, water skiing, or even paragliding!

Book your tickets with SUPERFAST FERRIES, travel in the comfort of your camper van and get behind the wheel to set a course for secluded coves, sweeping sandy beaches and castles, and monasteries stranded on rocky pedestals.

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