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Ancona at a glance

Ancona is located east of the foothills of the Apennine mountains which are the tallest range in central Italy. The shoreline south of Ancona is characterized by relatively deep, clear, and quite cold water bordered by rocky beaches below the Conero bluffs to the west. The location of Ancona has made it a centre of maritime transportation and commerce between Italy, Croatia, and Greece. As such, Ancona is the key ferry port in central Italy with daily connections to a variety of destinations across the Adriatic Sea.

How to get there

Ancona is easy to get to from north or south. Simply follow the autostrada into Ancona.
To arrive at the port of Ancona, use the exit marked Ancona Centro. To arrive at the Conero beaches, look for the exit which notes Monte Conero. Regular buses run along the seafront from the train station to the port.

Port Agent

Passenger Terminal:
Via Luigi Einaudi, Zona Mandracchio,
60125 Ancona
tel.: +39 071 20 20 33/4, +39 071 20 28 05,
+ 39 071 20 72 434 (Booth),
fax: +39 071 20 89 234, +39 071 20 08 85
e-mail: info@superfastitalia.it   

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