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Corfu at a glance

Corfu - is situated in the northwestern part of Greece, where the Adriatic Sea meets the north Ionian Sea.
The name "Corfu" derives from the spears of a fortress, which can be seen from far away. It is an island with lush vegetation, olive groves and sandy beaches. Due to its strategic position, Corfu has been conquered repeatedly, first by the Romans and, later on, by the French, the Venetians and the British, all of whom have left their cultural mark. Prime examples are Napoleon’s barracks (Liston) and the Palace of Michael and George, home to one of the greatest collections of Asian porcelain in the world. Ever since the 70s, Corfu has become a famous tourist attraction, with visitors from all over the globe. This has also led to a booming tourism services industry.

How to get there

Corfu can be reached by ship from three Italian ports as well as with regularly-scheduled ferry connections from mainland Greece. 

Port Agent

22, Ethnikis Antistasseos Str.,
New Port, GR-491 00, Corfu,
tel.: + 30 26610 81 222/26 660,
fax: + 30 26610 26 426, 
e-mail: superfastcorfu@grandsea.gr    

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