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Pets on board

Pets on board

Pet travel:
In pet cabins or kennels

Pet Cabin Pet Kennel
€50,00 per pet on each sailing €20,00 per pet on each sailing
  • Pet cabins are only available if passengers are traveling with 1 or a maximum of 2 pets.
  • The number of pet cabins or kennels is limited so they should be booked in good time.
  • Pet travel in a cabin: Pet cabins are 4-bed inside and outside cabins and are available as 4-bed, 3-bed, 2-bed or single-occupancy cabins.
  • Single-occupancy pet cabins have the following surcharge:
    • Ancona: 50% on the fare per person for a 2-bed cabin in the low season and 70% on the fare per person for a 2-bed cabin in the shoulder season and high season.
    • Bari: 70% on the fare per person for a 2-bed cabin in all seasons.
    • Venice: 70% on the price per person for a 2-bed cabin in all seasons.

Pet cabins are not available on a per bed basis.

Pet Travel Declaration Questionnare

We inform you that in the framework of the application of the Law 4830/2021 "New framework for the well-being of companion animals – Program "ARGOS" and other provisions", passengers traveling with pets should absolutely complete the "Pet Travel Declaration Questionnaire", which is in force from today, Friday 23/09/2022 and hand it over to the boarding officer while boarding the ship.

We remind you that owners or guardians are required to have their pets’ valid health documents with them while travelling (EU citizens are additionally required to have their EU Pet Passport), to follow all entry regulations and to be responsible for their care, safety and hygiene during the journey. For all cats, dogs and ferrets a valid rabies immunization document is mandatory.

Download the «Pet Travel Declaration Questionnaire»


For more information, see the "Pets" section of the Terms and Conditions for Passengers 


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