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Roadtrip to beautiful destinations!

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Roadtrip to beautiful destinations!

Book your tickets till February 29th, 2024, and enjoy a -20% Early booking discount. Plan your trip until the end of 2024 and have the road trip of your dreams.

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What about visiting Greece while enjoying the comfort of your car this Spring or Summer? Superfast Ferries makes it easy for you to be as flexible as possible and to plan your trip the way you want it. Load everything you need onto your vehicle and off you go to Greece.

Travel from Ancona, Venice or Bari to Igumenitsa, Corfu or Patras and enjoy a special atmosphere on board which you will only find on our ships. Dive into relaxation, enjoy some quality time. Retreat to your cozy cabin, enjoy our self-service or a-la-carte restaurants or just relax in one of our lounges. Vast spaces and gastronomy on deck let you enjoy your day on the Adriatic sea. Your vacation starts the moment you hear our friendly staff saying “welcome on board”.


Are you travelling as a Family, a couple or a group of friends? Superfast Ferries offers you the most suitable accommodation. Your car gives you the freedom to plan your trip as you like it and to change route anytime you want. Let your vehicle carry everything for you. Welcome to the cradle of European culture.


Patras is your gateway to the uniqueness of the Peloponnese. Explore this exciting peninsula which offers everything from rich culture to untouched nature, from picturesque mountain villages to seaside paradises, from traditional food to high end cuisine. From Patras you can also reach Athens and its ports in order to visit the city or carry on for the Islands of the Aegean Sea with Blue Star Ferries or Hellenic Seaways.

Corfu is one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian sea. Its long and rich history can be felt in every spot. Take tours through the amazing landscapes of this large Island and savor the Mediterranean nature. Enjoy a cuisine which has had many influences form various cultures.

Igoumenitsa is the ideal starting point for a road trip through Central Greece, Thessaly, Macedonia and Epirus. You choose if you want to visit the monasteries of Meteora, the wine region of Nausa or Vergina with its ancient tombs. 


Superfast Ferries offers daily connections from Ancona, Venice or Bari to Igoumenitsa, Patras or Corfu. You choose flexibly how to start your journey and from where you want to get on your ship back home.

Please see the offer's terms & conditions here.

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