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The Board of Directors of Attica Enterprises S.A. is pleased to announce the delivery dates of its latest additions to the company’s fleet, 31,500 GRT Superfast V and Superfast VI.  Both ships will join Superfast I, Superfast II, Superfast III and Superfast IV in the Greece-Italy routes.

The delivery of Superfast VI to her owners took place today at Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft AG in Kiel, to be followed by the delivery of Superfast V, scheduled in about three weeks time.

Superfast VI will commence trading in the Adriatic Sea as of mid February whereas, Superfast V upon her delivery, will call at Helsinki, Stockholm and Hamburg, as well as at the port of Rosyth, near Edinburgh, prior to starting her commercial voyages in mid March 2001.

As already announced in the press, four ultra-modern brand new Superfast ferries, currently under construction at Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft in Germany, will start ferry services between Germany, Sweden and Finland as of the coming May and two more Superfast ferries ordered at Flender Werft, Lübeck, Germany, are due for delivery in the first quarter of 2002 and are scheduled to operate a direct ferry link between Scotland and Continental Europe as of spring 2002.

In summary, the planned itineraries of the company’s Superfast fleet in the Adriatic, the Baltic and the North Sea are as follows: 

  • Superfast I-Superfast II: Patras-Igoumenitsa-Bari and v.v
  • Superfast III -Superfast IV: Patras-Igoumenitsa-Ancona-and v.v.
  • Superfast V-Superfast VI: Patras-Ancona-Patras
  • Superfast VII-Superfast VIII: Rostock-Hanko-Rostock as of May 2001
  • Superfast IX-Superfast X: Rostock-Södertälje-Rostock 1st quarter 2002
  • Superfast XI -Superfast XII: Rosyth-Cont.Europe-Rosyth as of May 2002

It should be reminded that in addition to the new services in the Baltic and the North Sea, our company is planning the deployment of two brand new Superfast-type ferries in the domestic trade between Piraeus-Crete and Piraeus-Kos-Rhodes.

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