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Important Cargo Information

Privileges & Services SUPERFAST FERRIES - Cabin

  • SUPERFAST FERRIES operates the most modern fleet in Europe with state-of-the art vessels.
  • Departure and arrival schedules are carefully selected to maximize the benefits of road travel increasing the productivity of the truck fleet.
  • The consistency of our sailing times year-round facilitates transportation companies to deliver sensitive goods safely and on time.
  • Vessels are certified to transport hazardous materials, live animals and vehicles of special dimensions.
    A consignment is characterized as special when:
    1. The height of the truck exceeds 4 meters
    2. The width of the truck exceeds 2.5 meters
    3. The maximum weight per axle exceeds 12 tons 
    4. The total weight of the truck plus the load exceeds 44 tons. The total length of the vehicle exceeds 18 meters.
  • Garage space is available year-round.
  • On board overnight accommodation allows professional drivers to relax and be prepared for a full day drive upon the ship's arrival at port. Take advantage of our weekend and holiday schedules, when truck travel on national roads is prohibited.
  • Reservations can be easily made online through our SUPERFAST FERRIES agents and representatives.
  • All garage spaces are monitored by closed-circuit surveillance cameras.
  • In the Drivers' Lounge professional drivers may enjoy a lunch or dinner, relax with a coffee or soft drink while watching their favorite sports program on television, or play a pleasant game of backgammon (available at the ship's reception desk).
  • 380-volt outlets with 220-volt transformers are available for refrigerated trucks.
  • Drivers can communicate with their company through coin-operated telephones or personal mobile phones, via a satellite service.
  • Our vessels offer bars, restaurants, a disco*, a casino*, video games, a shop with a wide variety of items, a swimming pool*, an internet corner*, wireless connection (Wi-Fi) with a laptop and ATM. 
    *not available on all vessels.
  • SUPERFAST FERRIES offers to the Professional Drivers, a range of unique privileges, discounts and services.
  • 4bed cabin for professional drivers.
  • Co-driver’s ticket: 25€ for the Bari route and 15€ for the Ancona and Venice routes. The co-driver(s) reservations should be made at the departure's port agency and the co-driver is defined as the driver who has a professional driving license. Co-drivers are entitled to a free berth in a cabin, upon availability

For your convenience, SUPERFAST FERRIES offers you the opportunity to book your ongoing passage with Blue Star Ferries through their joint booking system. 

For further information and reservations for the Blue Star Ferries routes, please contact our Central Offices at +30 210 8919900 or the Premium Sales Agents of your choice.

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