1. Yolcu vapurlarında seyahat eden evcil hayvanların kaydı. Daha fazla bilgi edin​
  2. Alternatif yakıtlı araçların (AFV) yolcu gemileriyle taşınması sırasında ilave tedbirler. Daha fazla bilgi edin​

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Biniş İşlemeri

Embarkation procedures and the issuance of documents commences several hours prior to the ship's departure.

Drivers must be at the port at least three hours prior to the ship's departure, otherwise they should contact the Port Agent to ensure that their Reservation is still valid. Trailers should proceed to the port office for check-in, three hours prior to the ship's departure. A waiting list is created at SUPERFAST FERRIES office at the port of departure.

Drivers should carry their waybill documents when issuing the necessary documents at the agency.

It is imperative that the drivers remain close to their trucks once embarkation commences.

The company carries no responsibility in case the drivers are absent from their vehicles during embarkation and miss the departure.

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