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Attica Group received a total of 11 awards at the Health & Safety Awards 2024 and Loyalty Awards 2024

Attica Group received a total of 11 awards  at the Health & Safety Awards 2024 and Loyalty Awards 2024


Athens, 4th July 2024

For its dedication to employee protection and safety, as well as its unwavering commitment to continuously enhancing the travel experience for passengers, Attica Group was honored at this year’s Health & Safety Awards 2024 and the Loyalty Awards 2024, respectively.

The company received the following awards:

10 distinctions at the Health & Safety Awards 2024

For Attica Group, its strength lies in its people, who consistently provide high-quality services that embody the Group’s vision and values. Their ongoing safety training reinforces a culture of prevention and significantly enhances workplace safety.

For a second year in a row, Attica Group received the top distinction “Occupational Health & Safety Team of the Year” which captures the Group’s high performance in nine thematic areas:

  • Winner in the “Transportation” category for the comprehensive development, management and monitoring of the Health & Safety of all employees.
  • Gold in the “Healthy & Safe Workplace” category for the adoption of practices that ensure the safety of employees at all levels.
  • Gold in the “Disability Facilitate Space” category to facilitate access to workplaces for employees, customers, and visitors with disabilities.
  • Gold in the “H&S System Update & Performance Improvement” category to strengthen and update the existing Health & Safety at Workplace mechanisms.
  • Gold in the “Crisis Response” category to protect personnel in critical situations.
  • Gold in the “Community Health Development” category for initiatives and actions aimed at improving the health of residents and neighboring communities in the areas where the Group operates.
  • Silver in the “Premises Evacuation” category for the Group’s infrastructure, equipment, and state-of-the-art technologies for emergency evacuation of facilities at sea and on land, with particular focus on people with disabilities.
  • Silver in the “Health & Safety Culture” category for the actions that extend beyond health and safety practices, impacting the broader community and extending beyond the workplace.
  • Bronze in the “Behavioral Risk Initiative” category for the implementation of programs related to risk management associated with behaviors and/or unusual conditions in the workplace (e.g. stress, work tensions, etc.).

Gold distinction at the Loyalty Awards 2024

The Group received a Gold Award in the “Best in Tourism & Travel” category for the renewal of the Seasmiles Loyalty Program. The company is a trailblazer in the passenger shipping industry, making strong investments in the Seasmiles loyalty program and focusing on creating personalized experiences. Tailoring to the needs and preferences of each traveler, it offers exclusive privileges and special offers that ensure each trip is unique. The key features of the Seasmiles program include innovation, leveraging technology, and fostering effective synergies.
It is noteworthy that this distinction marks the 15th since the launch of the Loyalty Awards in 2018.


Empowered by more than 2,700 employees, who work daily to serve thousands of passengers, promoting quality, reliability and responsibility, Attica Group stands as the primary service provider in commercial and tourist activities between mainland and island Greece.


About Attica Group

Attica Group, with a long-standing presence in the Greek and international seas, leads the Greek passenger shipping industry and is among the largest shipping companies worldwide.   

Through the brands of Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways and ANEK Lines, and with a fleet of more than 40 ships, Attica Group connects more than 60 destinations every day, offering modern, high-level transport services in Greece and international routes (Greece – Italy). The Group has also expanded its presence in the tourism sector with the acquisition of 3 hotels in Naxos (2) and Tinos (1).

With a clear commitment towards integrating the principles of sustainable development into its business activity and operations, Attica Group was the first company in the passenger shipping industry worldwide to issue a Responsibility & Sustainability Report in 2009, according to the GRI guidelines.

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