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Science on Board BLUE STAR FERRIES and DEMOKRITOS join forces for a unique voyage of discovery

BLUE STAR FERRIES and DEMOKRITOS, the National Centre for Scientific Research, have joined forces, embarking on a unique voyage of discovery designed especially for primary school children.

The aim of the initiative, entitled "SCIENCE ON BOARD", is to communicate developments in science and spread knowledge through interactive educational programmes for primary school children from the islands of the Aegean.

Educational activities specially designed by the scientific personnel of DEMOKRITOS were held on Rhodes on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 October 2018, giving about 600 pupils a unique opportunity to come on board and learn about science.

Through an experiential approach, the pupils came into contact with chemistry, biology and IT to help them understand the importance of technological achievements, observation, experimentation and the value of the research process for society. All on a BLUE STAR FERRIES vessel!
In addition to the educational activities created by DEMOKRITOS, the young pupils also had the opportunity to tour the unique environment of the vessel and learn about the value of Greek shipping.

In closing his brief address, Mr Paschalis noted: "ATTICA GROUP is active in the Aegean, serving its islands both in summer and winter, offering quality services with modern vessels that meet the needs of local communities and visitors. Recognising that our company's development is directly linked with that of our islands, ATTICA GROUP does not stop there, but extends its activities to supporting local communities through initiatives that do not intend to create passenger traffic, but aim at the sustainable development of our islands and the decentralisation of culture and knowledge. This is the framework in which we have implemented the "SCIENCE ON BOARD" initiative on Rhodes, where in partnership with DEMOKRITOS research centre, we are giving young primary school children a highly original and unique educational experience that will stimulate them to better understand their potential and broaden their horizons.

The director of DEMOKRITOS and the chairman of its board, Dr George Nounesis, stated: "DEMOKRITOS creates dynamic alliances in the field of education and the communication of science. Our goal is to cultivate a love of science in children. Our scientific personnel design and implement educational initiatives whose competitive advantage is the long experience and real understanding of the mechanisms behind every experiment that is presented. It is imperative for today's children to develop creative critical thinking. Direct contact with experimentation and research helps precisely this aim. The partnership with BLUE STAR FERRIES enables us to reach children on the islands, who cannot easily access our educational initiatives".

BLUE STAR FERRIES is a member of ATTICA GROUP, which is involved in passenger shipping through the companies SUPERFAST FERRIES, BLUE STAR FERRIES, HELLENIC SEAWAYS and AFRICA MOROCCO LINKS, with a total of 30 vessels offering modern, high-level transport services in Greece and abroad. The vessels in its fleet travel to 59 unique destinations in 4 countries, visiting 71 ports.

For a number of years, ATTICA GROUP has supported the development of young people, putting particular emphasis on its contribution to school and student communities. For example, from 2015 to 2017, it welcomed 2,222 pupils and students to its facilities and vessels, and supported the education of 242 trainees at the officers' academies for the merchant navy and the coast guard.

It should also be noted that during the same period, the Group's social contribution through social actions, donations, sponsorship and ticket reductions was in excess of €4.8 million (https://bit.ly/2EQpIB6).

The "SCIENCE ON BOARD" initiative follows the educational visit made in February 2018 by primary school children from Amorgos to cultural centres in Athens, and is part of the ATTICA GROUP's "With you as our destination" social responsibility programme, confirming the systematic action and investment of the group in culture and education.

DEMOKRITOS National Centre for Scientific Research is the largest public interdisciplinary research institute in Greece.

In partnership with university departments in Greece and abroad, DEMOKRITOS participates in and organises specialist postgraduate courses, and also provides infrastructure and scientific guidance for the completion of a variety of doctoral theses in the sciences, thus helping to shape the country's scientific landscape. The centre also designs and implements educational programmes for children at primary and secondary school.
The partnership with BLUE STAR FERIES is part of DEMOKRITOS's action plan to be more outward-looking and communicate science to those of us who either for geographical or for social reasons, do not have equal access to knowledge.


Kallithea, 7 November 2018

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