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Discover mythical Greek destinations!

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Discover mythical Greek destinations!

Book your tickets till February 29th, 2024, and enjoy a -20% Early booking discount. Plan your trip until the end of 2024 and have the road trip of your dreams.

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Have you ever heard the phrase "Lifetime experience"? Well, Greece is definitely one of those to remain with you forever. Greece is famous worldwide for its history and culture, with millions of people travelling to Greece to visit and get to know historical landscapes and monuments. 


Travel from Ancona, Venice or Bari to Igoumenitsa, Corfu or Patras and enjoy a special atmosphere on board which you will only find on our ships. Dive into relaxation, enjoy some quality time. Retreat to your cozy cabin, enjoy a meal or just relax in one of our lounges. Vast spaces and a deck with multiple accommodations let you enjoy your day on the Adriatic sea. Your vacation starts the moment you hear our friendly staff saying “welcome on board”.


Enjoy your trip and feel the excitement before you arrive at your destination. Travel taking your car with. You will have the comfort of taking as much luggage with you as you need and will be very flexible in designing your trip.

Leaving Patras, your next destination is Ancient Olympia. The location takes you back to the origins of the Olympic Games held in the sanctuary of Zeus. The archaeological site of Olympia is one of the largest in Greece, where you have the chance to see famous monuments and works of art, such as the statues of Hermes by Praxiteles and Nike by Paeonius.

Taking the coastal trail to the south, within a 2-hour distance, you reach Nafplion, one of the most romantic places in Greece and the country's first capital, until 1834. Take a relaxing walk by the sea and explore the old city in the city center. The most-worth visiting sightseeing is absolutely Palamidi Castle, where you have to climb over 999 stairs to reach it, but you will be instantly rewarded by the magnificent city and sea view. Take a rest at the city's coastline and taste the local food and sweets before you leave for the final destination of the historical theatre of Epidaurus.

The best-preserved ancient theatre in Greece is the theatre of Epidaurus. Due to its acoustics, the actors can be perfectly heard by all 15,000 spectators and even hear the sound of a pin dropping. In addition, it is known for its size, unique architecture and harmonious proportions. Every summer, a theatrical festival takes place there. So, if you want to watch a dramatic play of a Greek tragedy, do not forget to book your tickets earlier.

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