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Attica Group on the list of ‘The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2023’

Attica Group on the list of ‘The Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2023’

Attica Group, the parent company of SUPERFAST FERRIES, BLUE STAR FERRIES and HELLENIC SEAWAYS, is very pleased to announce its distinction as

‘One of the top companies shaping
the Business Map of Sustainable Development in Greece’

at the QualityNet Foundation’s ‘The most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2023’ event.


This distinction is awarded to companies that implement a holistic approach to Sustainable Development, which is systematically incorporated into their business operations, making them model companies in the Greek market.

Attica Group was evaluated based on the SUSTAINABILITY PERFORMANCE DIRECTORY – a technical business indicator for evaluating an organisation’s performance on Sustainable Development issues – and received distinctions in three categories:

  • Sustainability Leaders
  • Top Sustainable Companies
  • Sustainable Companies

Companies are ranked based on three criteria:

  • The Initiatives, Actions and Programmes they develop with regard to the Thematic Pillars of Sustainable Development.
  • The Policies, Systems and Procedures they develop to support their Responsible Entrepreneurship.
  • Their Disclosure of non-financial data.

This distinction acknowledges and rewards the Group’s commitment to ensuring that its business operations are based on transparency, accountability, sustainability and incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into day-to-day operation, as well as its commitment for transition to a sustainable future in line with ESG standards.

Attica Group is engaged in passenger shipping through SUPERFAST FERRIES, BLUE STAR FERRIES, HELLENIC SEAWAYS and AFRICA MOROCCO LINK, operating 35 vessels providing modern, high-quality transportation services in Greece and abroad. Attica’s vessels serve 61 unique destinations in 4 countries, connecting 79 ports and transporting more than 6 million passengers, 1 million passenger vehicles and 500,000 trucks every year.

Kallithea, 7 April 2023

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