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“A Voyage to Culture with SUPERFAST FERRIES” - A five-year review

In the context of the Responsibility programme of Attica Group, SUPERFAST FERRIES is marking 5 years of support to the Greek communities of southern Italy through the initiative ‘Greek Communities of Italy - A voyage to culture”. Launched in 2018 in the Greek communities of Emilia Romagna, in Bologna and in Parma, our voyage now expands to the regions of Calabria and Messina in Sicily. The purpose of this initiative is to preserve the ties of the communities through language and culture. Ties that remain alive since the first Greek presence in the area and the creation of Magna Grecia following the end of the Trojan War, according to the Greek philosopher and historiographer, Strabo.

During these five years, SUPERFAST FERRIES has collaborated with the Greek Community of the Strait of Messina, Sicily and in Calabria; the ELLINOMATHEIA Centre for Greek Language and Culture, in Reggio; the DELIA Greek Cultural Association in Bova Marina and the ‘G. A. Grupi’ Griko language school in Bova.

Students in classical high schools – young people and adults – had the opportunity to attend free classes in Greek language, with the option to participate in examinations for the certification of Greek language acquisition.

Initiatives such as the support of the ‘Alki Zei-Voyage to Culture’ children’s and youth lending library created by the Greek Community of the Strait, the donation of interactive whiteboards for the above mentioned communities, the offering of modern books to pupils, educators and libraries, the organization of workshops with topics related to the Greek language and the organization of visual and experiential workshops, effectively contributed to the spread of the Greek language and Greek culture.

SUPERFAST FERRIES also supported the publication of the bilingual (Greek/Italian) book ‘A Tribute to Dionysios Solomos’ which was sent to 90 libraries in Greece and in Italy. A 2nd edition of the book was also printed with the company’s support.

In 2022, the Greek Community of the Strait honoured SUPERFAST FERRIES for its overall contribution, with the 9th “Dimitris Bisbikis” Award, given to persons or organizations that promote Greek cultural heritage.

The “Greek Communities of Italy - A Voyage to Culture with SUPERFAST FERRIES” programme is supervised by the company’s associate Mary Kritikou, who specialises in coordinating events on children’s literature.

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Kallithea, 24 November 2022

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