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Seven Awards for Attica Group in Tourism Awards 2020


Platinum in category “Innovation”
Gold & Silver in category “Travel”
1 Gold & 2 Bronze in category “Strategy”
Gold in category “Digital Tourism”

Attica Group, parent company of SUPERFAST FERRIES, BLUE STAR FERRIES and HELLENIC SEAWAYS, is proud to announce that it has been awarded 7 awards in Tourism AWARDS 2020, organized by Boussias Communications.

In the official announcement of winners, which, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, took place via posting on the Tourism Awards Winners Microsite on Wednesday, June 3 2020, Attica Group won the following awards:

  • Platinum, in category “Innovation/Innovative Operating Model or Provision of Service” for  the “E-Ticket/Boarding Pass”
  • Gold, in category “Travel/Technology Enhanced Experience” for the “On Board Infotainment Platform @sea”
  • Gold, in category “Strategy/Contribution to Local Society/Accessible Tourism” for Blue Star Ferries’ “First Aid” Program
  • Gold, in category “Digital Tourism/Online Strategy” for the Online strategy of Blue Star Ferries
  • Silver, in category “Travel/Loyalty Programs” for the “Seasmiles” Loyalty Program
  • Bronze, in category “Strategy/Strategic Investment/Cooperation/Development” for the cooperation with the NGOs “HopeGenesis”, “Volunteer Crisis Rescue Team” and “Metadrasi”
  • Bronze, in category “Strategy/Tourism Development/Contribution to Local or National Economy/Major Tourism Event” for  the “Hotel & Ferry” program in Samos, Leros, Chios, Kos and Lesvos

The Platinum award in the “Innovation/Innovative Operating Model or Provision of Service” category for the implementation of the e-ticket-boarding-pass.

The Gold award in the “Travel/Technology Enhanced Experience” category refers to the Attica Group’s @sea on-board infotainment platform. The @sea platform is an excellent example of innovation in the sea travel sector to improve the passenger experience.

The Gold award in the “Strategy/Contribution to Local Society/Accessible Tourism” category refers to the “First Aid” program, which was launched in 2014, in collaboration with the Volunteer Crisis Rescue Team (EDOK). It has been implemented on the islands of Tilos, Amorgos, Santorini, Paros, Naxos and, in 2019 on Leros and Symi. Over 800 people have attended the program.

The Gold award in the “Digital Tourism/Online Strategy” category refers to Blue Star Ferries’ online communication strategy, which directly and indirectly promotes Greek tourism while boosting brand awareness – mainly through Above The Line (ATL) communication vehicles – while creating traffic on the company’s website, bringing a major increase in online sales compared to 2018.

The Silver award in the “Travel/Loyalty Programs” category refers to the Attica Group’s “seasmiles” programme, which provides the ultimate service experience through the use of digital technology building on customer loyalty.

The Bronze award in the “Strategy/Strategic Investment/Cooperation/Development” category concerns the Attica Group’s cooperation with three important NGOs – the “Volunteer Crisis Rescue Team”, “METADRASI” and HopeGenesis” – with the aim of improving quality of life.

The Bronze award in the “Strategy/Tourism Development/Contribution to the Local or National Economy/Major Tourism Event” category recognises the implementation of our “Hotel & Ferry” program, which was designed in 2016 to reverse the negative climate created by the migration crisis on the islands of Lesvos, Chios, Leros, Samos and Kos. In collaboration with Municipal Authorities and local Hoteliers’ Associations, the programme provides for a 30% discount on ferry tickets for passengers who choose to spend their summer holidays on these islands.

Attica Group is engaged in passenger shipping through SUPERFAST FERRIES, BLUE STAR FERRIES, HELLENIC SEAWAYS and AFRICA MOROCCO LINK operating 32 vessels providing modern, high-quality transportation services in Greece and abroad. Attica’s vessels serve 60 unique destinations in 4 countries, connecting 71 ports transporting over 7 million passengers, 1 million passenger vehicles and 400,000 trucks every year.

Kallithea, June 22, 2020

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