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The boat SUPERFAST RACING of the Kalamaki Sailing Club finished in fifth place in the Offshore World Championship, taking first place among non-professional crews.  The organization of the event was assigned to the Hellenic Offshore Club by the International Sailing Federation and took place in the Saronic Gulf between the 20th and 28th of June, drawing 55 entrants from 10 countries. 

In a total of 7 races, SUPERFAST RACING's placing was 2nd, 8th, 1st, 1st, 13th,13th and 39th.   The boat, with her 15-strong crew, co-skippered by Pericles Livas and Nikos Lazos, was in 1st place overall at the end of the 4th race and in 3rd place overall at the end of the 6th race. However, in the 7th race, the team couldn't match their earlier performance and were kept off the podium.  

"It was a world-class performance for all of us, as we sailed extremely well up until the last day. The last race proved to be detrimental, although we still managed to finish in 5th place overall and in 1st among non-professional crews. We'd like to thank our sponsors SUPERFAST FERRIES, MARFIN EGNATIA BANK and ΕΚΟ ABEE, who were very supportive throughout the event" said the boat's co-skippers. 

SUPERFAST FERRIES is member of Attica Group and operates between Greece and Italy and between Scotland and Belgium with a fleet of 5 ultra-modern car-passenger ferries. Attica Group is active in passenger shipping through its subsidiaries SUPERFAST FERRIES and BLUE STAR FERRIES which offer modern, high quality transportation services in Greece and abroad.

Voula, July 1st, 2008

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