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In the context of the Social Responsibility programme of Attica Group and, more specifically, the ‘Greek Communities of Italy - A voyage to culture with SUPERFAST FERRIES’ initiative, SUPERFAST FERRIES successfully completed three more actions in Greek communities and schools in Italy, where the heart of a different Greece has been beating for the last three thousand years.

The “voyage”, aiming at promoting the Greek language and Greek culture, traditions, dances and the soul of our homeland began in October 2018, with 4 actions held in Reggio and Condofuri in Calabria, in Bologna, in Parma and in Ancona, and continued from February to May 2019 in Reggio, Messina and Bova Marina in Calabria.


In collaboration with the ‘Ellinomatheia’ Centre, the Greek Communities of Stretto and Emilia Romagna, the Delia Greek Cultural Association and the Greek Department of Parma’s European School, primary, lower and upper secondary school pupils as well as adults had the opportunity to learn Greek, to participate in interactive workshops, to taste Greek traditional dishes, to dance, to sing and to read Greek literature. At the same time, books were offered to libraries of Greek communities, schools as well as to students.

More specifically, the following actions took place between February and August 2019:

Reggio Calabria - Greek language lessons - 2nd cycle.

In cooperation with the ‘ELLINOMATHEIA’ Centre and teacher Vasiliki Vourda, the 2nd cycle of Greek Language and Culture courses titled ‘Voyage to Greece’ took place in Reggio in the Greek-speaking region of Calabria. Participants had the chance to take Greek language lessons and learn the history of the Greek language, Modern Greek culture, customs, celebrations, dances, songs and flavours. At the end of the cycle, the 16 participants received a certificate of attendance.

Mesina of Sicily- Interactive/Art workshops with author-illustrator Vaso Psaraki


In cooperation with the Greek Community of Stretto, workshops were held for kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade pupils as well as for pupils from two high schools. On the occasion of the publication of fairy tales of Vaso Psaraki, the children listened to the tales, made drawings of the heroes and crafts with Vaso Psaraki, danced, learned Greek words and listened to songs on the author’s CD.

A well-attended workshop on “Learning Modern Greek” was also held with important Greek and Italian speakers.

Messina - Greek Community of Stretto - Publication of a book on D. Solomos

In cooperation with Professor Daniele Macris, President of the Greek Community of Stretto, SUPERFAST FERRIES supported the publication of a bilingual book honouring the Greek national poet Dionysios Solomos, editions Korontzis. The art director of the book was the award-winning illustrator Diatsenta Parisi. The book titled ‘An Homage to Dionysios Solomos’ was sent to a total of 90 libraries throughout Greece, as well as Greek associations, Greek schools, Universities and school/community/regional libraries throughout Italy.

Bova Marina, Calabria- Purchase of an interactive whiteboard

SUPERFAST FERRIES, in response to the request of the Greek Cultural Association CIRCOLO CULTURALE GRECO “DELIA” at Bova Marina, donated an interactive whiteboard for their educational and cultural activities.

The below actions were coordinated jointly with SUPERFAST FERRIES’ partner Mary Kriticou.

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Kallithea, 3rd October 2019

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