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A voyage to culture with SUPERFAST FERRIES

SUPERFAST FERRIES within the framework of Attica Group's Social Responsibility programme, is active in promoting the Greek language and Greek Culture by launching the "Greek Communities of Italy" initiative. This voyage begins with the Greek Communities of Italy; it explores language, culture, tradition, dance and takes a look at the soul of our country, alive in the Greek Communities of Italy, whose Greek heart is beating even today. The initiative took place from October to December 2018 in a number of associations and schools all over Italy, in collaboration with the Hellenic Centre "Ellinomatheia", the Greek Communities of Emilia Romagna and Marche and the Greek Department of Parma’s European School. Primary, Secondary and High School students, as well as adults, had the opportunity to learn Greek, to participate in interactive workshops, to taste Greek traditional dishes, to dance, to sing and to read Greek literature. The programme was managed by the company's partner, Mrs. Mary Kritikou.

In particular, the initiative included the following actions:

In cooperation with "ELLINOMATHEIA" Hellenic Center and the teacher Vasiliki Vourda, the 1st cycle of "Greek Language and Culture" courses titled "Voyage to Greece" took place in Reggio and Condofuri of Greek-speaking Calabria. Participants had the chance not only to learn Greek, but also to get to know the history of the Greek language, experience Modern Greek culture, customs, celebrations, dances, songs and tastes. In addition, they watched two Greek films and were given a guided tour of the Museum of Magna Graecia in Reggio Calabria. At the end of the cycle, 28 participants received a certificate of attendance.

Writer Philippos Mandilaras met the teachers, parents, pupils and students of the Greek Community school of Emilia Romagna in Bologna. On the occasion of the publication of his book "Ιστορίες με Καλικάντζαρους" ("Goblin Stories") he talked about goblins as part of Modern Greek tradition, read segments of the book and with the children’s assistance, brought the story to life. Older students took part in a creative writing workshop and wrote their own humorous and imaginative stories using "key words"!

Writer Philippos Mandilaras also met twice with the Primary and Middle school pupils of Parma’s European School/Greek Department, in Parma. Aristophanes' "Plutus" gave the children the chance to portray roles like the Pythia, Chremylos, Zeus... and to "rewrite" the story using their own words. The creative writing workshop gave Middle school pupils the chance to learn new ways of expressing themselves through writing, by developing their own stories around the writer's book "Αλλόκοτες Ιστορίες" ("Odd Stories"). Furthermore, the library of the Department was enriched by the addition of books of Greek literature and poetry, while the book "Μίλα μη φοβάσαι" ("Talk, don't be afraid") was offered to all Middle school pupils.

provided the Greek Community of Marche with books of influential and beloved writers to the children's library, such as: Pinelopi Delta, Alki Zei, Eugenios Trivizas, Menelaos Loundemis, Georges Sari, Vangelis Iliopoulos, Nikolas Andrikopoulos, Antonis Papatheodoulou, Vaso Psaraki etc. thus opening a window to the world of knowledge and imagination.

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