PURE Cabins

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PURE Cabins

PURE Cabins

You try to make healthy choices every day of your life. Why not do the same when you are traveling?

Discover how our cutting-edge purification system improves air quality and enhances your travel and sleep experience!

On February 1st, 2010 SUPERFAST FERRIES became the first ferry operator in the world to introduce a new exclusive cabin category called "PURE CABIN". As of 1st April 2011 PURE cabins are also available on Blue Star Ferries vessels.

PURE cabins are treated with a cutting-edge process that purifies the air and surfaces, providing the ultimate comfort level for those sensitive to airborne particles. Leading asthma and allergy doctors recognize this process as an effective solution for those looking for a safe haven while traveling away from home.

PURE cabins are available on Blue Star 1, Blue Star 2, Blue Star Delos and Blue Star Patmos with an extra charge of 5€ per bed, per way. There is a limited number of LUX (2 beds) and A4 (4 beds outside) PURE cabins and they cannot be occupied on a per bed basis. All other cabin types are still available.

For more information visit www.pureroom.com .

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