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The Optimum 3 – SUPERFAST yacht ranked in the top spot in the ΙΜS 1A category, after completing a 4-day 20-hour and 35-minute race in the course of the Rolex Middle Sea Race which took place in Malta between 17th and 28th October in Malta.

The leading Greek vessel with skippers Pericles Livas and Nikos Lazos and crew Α. Marougkas, P. Manessis, G. Iliopoulos, Th. Papassideris, V. Κarras, Μ. Roudas, Κ. Μakrides, Τ. Κiriakides, Α. Αssimakos, G. Panagiotides, R. Εthnopoulos, L. Μavroudes and Th. Baxevanes logged another international success for themselves and, at the same time, their sponsors SUPERFAST FERRIES member of the Attica Group, bunkering and shipping services company Aegean Oil and ship power suppliers Wärtsilä.

It was the third time Optimum 3 – SUPERFAST, following participations in 2003 and 2004, took part in what is regarded as the largest and most challenging race in the Mediterranean, enjoying international media coverage and a record number of participants which this year numbered 73 vessels from a total of 18 countries. "This year we came against the toughest competition ever, we fought tirelessly and attained in addition to the first place, the respect of our competitors who congratulated us one-by-one on the finish line – it was very rewarding and moving at the same time" said the skippers apparently impressed.

The return sailing from Malta to Piraeus marks the end of competitive sailing for the Optimum 3 – SUPERFAST vessel for 2006, in what was another successful year in Greece and abroad.

SUPERFAST FERRIES owns and operates a fleet of 5 ultra-modern car-passenger ferries which operate between Greece and Italy and between Scotland and Belgium and is a 100% subsidiary of Attica Group. Attica Group is active in passenger shipping through its subsidiaries SUPERFAST FERRIES and Blue Star Ferries which offer modern, high quality transportation services in Greece and abroad.

For more information please contact:

Mrs. Gisela Petropoulou

Τel.: +30 210 891 9020
Fax: +30 210 891 9029
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More information on the race and competition can be found on:
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