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Public Health Passenger/Crew Locator Form

Passengers shall not travel if they have symptoms of COVID-19 infection (cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath and other respiratory symptoms) or have had contact with a COVID-19 patient within 14 days prior to the trip.


Passengers must comply with the following control measures during boarding:

  • Social Distancing
    A minimum distance of 1.5 meters between passengers (and simultaneous use of a mask ) should be observed. The ship's crew will oversee the boarding process and scrutinize the respect of the foreseen distances.
  • Completing the "Pre-boarding" and "Passenger Locator" forms and handing them to the purser of the ship in charge together with the ticket during boarding and before departure
  • Touchless temperature screening is implemented to all passengers before boarding


Passengers must necessarily comply with the following precautionary measures during the trip:

  • We keep wearing our mask both in indoor areas as well as on the deck areas of the ship. We make sure that the mouth and nose are covered, we do not touch the mask while wearing it, we dispose of the mask immediately into a trash bin after use and we wash our hands.
  • We cover our coughing or sneezing with the inside of the elbow or with a paper towel which we dispose of it immediately throwing it into a trash bin.
  • We wash our hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water or an alcoholic solution and avoid contact of the hands with the face (eyes, nose, mouth). The use of gloves does not replace hand washing.
  • We keep safety distances from other passengers around us (> 1.5 meters)
  • We avoid crowded spaces
  • We avoid contact with people who have symptoms of a respiratory infection

Please see the respective flyer of the National Public Health Organization

  • It is recommended that passengers arrive at the port of departure on time to facilitate the check-in process before boarding.
  • In case passengers experience respiratory symptoms during the trip they must report it immediately to the ship's crew.
  • If passengers develop respiratory symptoms after the trip, they should seek medical help immediately and inform their doctor about the history of the trip.


Based on the above, if the crew members who carry out the control measures during the boarding assess that:

  1. The passenger has symptoms which indicate a COVID-19 infection or
  2. The passengers’ answers on the "Pre-boarding" form before boarding indicate that there has been contact with a person with COVID-19 infection or
  3. the passenger refuses to use a mask1 on the ship

the the passenger will be denied boarding the ship and the applicable provisions for the use of tickets at a later date or for their cancellation will apply.
In cases (1) and (2) the trip will be denied for 14 days or if the passenger has been ill he/she will have to provide a medical certificate stating that the criteria for the termination of precautionary measures for a patient with COVID-19 are met as defined by the National Public Health Organization.

[1] The use of a surgical mask is also acceptable, but it is recommended to use a tissue mask instead, to ensure that the surgical masks are spared for medical staff. The mask with high breathing protection valve is not accepted for use by the general public


Further to our previous communication of 15/4/2020 on the subject matter, we wish to clarify that the temporary amendments to the Company's cancellation policy contained therein, are effected in compliance with the mandatory provisions of Greek law regarding travel restrictions and refunds arising from cancelled voyages as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is further clarified that such provisions apply obligatory as derogation of all existing provisions, also on carriage contracts governed by law other than Greek.

In this context:
Requests for ticket refunds, submitted from 25 February 2020 until October 31, 2020, by passengers who cannot travel due to travel restrictions, or who do not wish to travel due to the uncertainty of the pandemic or due to cancellation of scheduled itineraries, are satisfied with the provision of maritime transport services of value equal to the cancelled ticket price, to any destination served by the network of the Company (Ancona, Bari, Venice, Heraklion, Chania).

The above services may be provided within eighteen (18) months from the date of the canceled trip. If this offer is not exercised within eighteen (18) months, only then may the passenger receive a 100% cash refund.

The passenger's application should be made at least 24 hours before departure.

If the passenger wishes, the tickets may be converted to open date tickets under the same conditions as mentioned above.

If the passenger wishes to travel on a date, or in a seat category, with a higher fare than the fare of the original ticket, whether it be for the same or a different destination, then the passenger must pay the resulting fare difference.

Kallithea, 11 May, 2020


We would like to inform you that according to article 65 (Refunds from maritime travel cancellations) of the Legislative Content Act that was published in the Greek Government Gazette A'84/13.04.2020, our cancellation policy for tickets with travel to the Adriatic Sea routes until October 31st 2020 is amended.

In particular, passengers requesting the cancellation of their reservations during the above period because they cannot travel due to travel restrictions, or do not wish to travel due to uncertainty caused by the pandemic or due to cancellation of scheduled sailings, will have their tickets converted into open date tickets valid for eighteen (18) months from the date of travel.

In detail:

Reservations with or without the Early Booking discount and with at least one leg of the trip until October 31st 2020

1) Tickets will be converted into open date tickets with validity for 18 months from the date of initial outbound (one way reservations) or from the date of initial inbound (round trip reservations) with the possibility to be used, within the period of 18 months, for travel to any destination of the company (Ancona, Bari, Venice, Heraklion, Chania).

2) In case that open date tickets have not been used by the end of the 18 months period, passengers are entitled to full refund of the fare of their initial tickets.

3) Upon rebooking new travel dates, all valid discounts or offers of the selected route (Adriatic or Crete) will be applied at the new reservation and passengers will have to pay any difference between the value of their original tickets and the tickets of the new reservation.

4) If the original tickets include the Early Booking discount, passengers reserve the right to apply the discount on their new reservation (Adriatic routes).

5) The conversion of tickets into open date tickets with the validity of 18 months is possible only with a relevant request up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of the original tickets.

Reservations for travel as of November 1st 2020

For all bookings with travel dates as of November 1st 2020, the Anek-Superfast general terms and conditions apply.

For all tickets including the Early Booking discount with travel dates as of November 1st 2020, the Early Booking terms and conditions apply.  

Announcement regarding COVID-19

With regards to the COVID 19 outbreak, and following the Greek Government’s decision, kindly be advised that the embarkation from / to Italy is forbidden for passengers and vehicles (with the exception of trucks) until until 15/06/2020 at 15:00.

Passengers with tickets for journeys up to 15/06/2020 are kindly requested to contact their ticketing agencies to arrange their reservations.
Truck drivers/co-drivers disembarking vessels are required to fill in and sign a self-declaration form which can be found at the ports’ check-in points in Italy and Greece.
The self-declaration form should be signed from the truck drivers/co-drivers a priori in order to avoid significant delays during the Police controls at the ports.
Truck drivers/co-drivers are kindly requested to sign 2 self-declaration forms:

  • 1 completed form should be given to the vessel upon embarkation
  • 1 completed form should be given to the Italian authorities upon arrival at the destination port.

According to the italian authorities it is not possible to cross Italy for tourism reasons at the moment.
As of the 16th of March 2020, co-drivers will be accepted on board Joint Venture vessels, provided that the transportation company, which owns the truck(s), has sent an email in which all co-driver’s data is included (name/surname, number of the professional driving license).
The email must be sent to the departure’s port agency and a copy must be sent to the Head Office (Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.) at least three hours prior to the vessel’s
The Company monitors the developments and if necessary, will review the instructions to passengers and revert with updated information.


Further to the latest decision released by the Greek Government, decision for the prevention of the COVID-19, spread, new measures valid from 02/04/2020 at 12:00 until 20/04/2020 at 12:00 will be in force regarding residential restriction of all individuals, entering our country from abroad.
According to the announcement, all individuals working in the international land, air and sea transport services, regardless of nationality, must, after entering the country, without delay, either cross it, or head to their destination and then enter temporary self-isolation for a period of fourteen (14) days. However, in the event that employees are required to operate a new international route within the above period, the restriction shall be lifted.
Following this measure and by virtue of its immediate implementation, the professional drivers / co-drivers of trucks that are about to board the ship will be asked, their personal data which will be filled in a specific form (see attached) onboard, which will be submitted in time to the port authorities prior the vessel’s arrival at the Patras or Igoumenitsa’s port.

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