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After 20 years of travelling experience, having transported more than 12,000,000 passengers, 2,500,000 cargo units and 2,500,000 private vehicles on the Adriatic, Baltic and North Sea, SUPERFAST FERRIES is setting sail for the next 20 years, aiming to develop new routes, design and build new vessels, always providing high quality service.

On April 15th 1995, SUPERFAST I, bearing the Greek flag, sails for the first time from Patras to Ancona, setting new standards in maritime transportation between Italy and Greece. SUPERFAST FERRIES reduced travelling time by 40%, from 36 to 20 hours, upgrading the services of the ferry industry. The quality and professionalism of the human element of the Company contributed in offering passengers a premium product, with ultramodern vessels.

In the following six years, the fleet continues to grow, with the delivery of SUPERFAST II, SUPERFAST III, SUPERFAST IV, SUPERFAST V and SUPERFAST VI, increasing capacity and routes in the Adriatic Sea, and improving the on board product.

SUPERFAST FERRIES, the Greek established Company, welcomes the new millennium with the inauguration of its Baltic operations in 2001, marking its presence in Northern Europe. The newly built SUPERFAST VII and SUPERFAST VIII, ice class type, connect Rostock, Germany, with Hanko, Finland, on a daily basis. In 2002, SUPERFAST IX and SUPERFAST X, also ice class type vessels, are delivered expanding the operation on the North Sea, linking the port of Rosyth in Scotland with Zeebrugge in Belgium, providing the first direct ferry route between Scotland and continental Europe. Two more vessels, SUPERFAST ΧΙ and SUPERFAST ΧΙΙ, join the fleet, completing an investment program of over €1 billion, launched in 1993, including the building of twelve SUPERFAST vessels in total and establishing SUPERFAST FERRIES as one of Europe’s leading ferry operators. In 2007, a new era starts. SUPERFAST FERRIES, member of the Marfin Investment Group (MIG), the largest Greek business group, continues its investments with the new generation vessels SUPERFAST Ι and SUPERFAST ΙΙ, once more pioneering in the sector's developments and securing its business and continuing to offer an exceptional service.

Setting sail for the next 20 years SUPERFAST FERRIES aims to offer top class service powered always by its people who have always been the soul of the Company and the bearer of its objectives and vision. The Company’s employees, with their experience and expertise in the shipping sector are committed to meet the future challenges. SUPERFAST FERRIES is a member of ATTICA GROUP operating 4 ultra-modern car-passenger ferries. ATTICA GROUP is engaged in the passenger shipping industry in the Adriatic Sea and in the Greek Domestic Lines. The Attica Group fleet consists of 13 modern and technologically advanced vessels, providing high quality transportation services for passengers, cargo and private vehicles. ATTICA GROUP is a member of the Marfin Investment Group, the largest Greek business group.

Athens, May 22nd, 2015
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