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(€) Fares 2019 in euro
ITALY - GREECE / FARES BARI ( Bari-Patras / Bari-Igoumenitsa / Bari-Corfu)
PASSENGERS / Fares per person as of 01.02.2019 – 31.01.2020
  Cabin Category Low season Shoulder season High season
  Code Description one way return one way return one way return
  DECK Deck 57 40 68 48 81 57
  ATS Aircraft-type seats 68 48 79 55 92 64
  DOR(1) Dormitories with shared shower + WC 102 71 125 88 153 107
  AB4 4 bed inside cabin 118 83 140 98 161 113
  AB3 3 bed inside cabin 139 97 169 118 197 138
  AB2 2 bed inside cabin 158 111 196 137 232 162
  AA4 4 bed outside cabin 130 91 160 112 187 131
  A3 3 bed outside cabin 156 109 192 134 229 160
  AA2/A2 2 bed outside cabin 178 125 217 152 269 188
  LUX(2) 2 bed outside cabin 259 181 315 221 365 256
Vehicles (fares/vehicle in €)
  Vehicle Category Low season Shoulder season High season
  Description one way return one way return one way return
  1 Vehicles or trailers up to 6m LONG & 2m HIGH 62 43 82 57 100 70
  2 Cars with roof box over 2m high 87 61 115 81 140 98
  3 Vehicles or trailers up to 6m LONG & OVER 2m HIGH 108 76 149 104 187 131
  4 Vehicles or trailers 6.01m to 8m LONG 170 119 213 149 253 177
  5 Vehicles or trailers over 8.01m LONG 245 172 296 207 342 239
  6 Trailers up to 2.50m LONG & 2m HIGH* 47 33 61 43 74 52
  7 Campers / Caravans / Trailers OPEN DECK up to 6m LONG 130 91 176 123 223 156
  8 Campers / Caravans / Trailers OPEN DECK 6.01m TO 8m LONG 205 144 255 179 303 212
  9 Campers / Caravans / Trailers OPEN DECK over 8.01m 296 207 355 249 411 288
  10 Motorcycles** 30 21 38 27 45 32
  11 Bicycles Free Free Free Free Free Free
The route is jointly operated with ANEK Lines.
Certain accommodation types may not available on vessels operating the route.
* Same price applies for Open Deck trailers up to 2.50m long & 2m high
** Motorcycles with a side car or a trailer or 4 wheels are charged as vehicles up to 6m long & 2m high.

All cabins are equipped with shower and WC.

(1) Six bed dormitories are located in a unified area, divided into male and female sections, each with communal showers and restrooms. Passengers who require bed linen may request it at the reception. Dormitories are available on Superfast XII and Superfast XI
(2) Including breakfast.
  PETS (Fares per pet in €) Per route
  Pet in cabin 50
  Pet in kennel 20
  • Pet cabins are 4 bed inside & outside cabins, that can be booked as 4 bed, 3 bed, 2 bed.
  • Pet cabins are not available on a per bed basis.
  • Single occupancy has a supplement of 70% on the respective double occupancy.
  PURE CABIN (fares per cabin in €) Per route
  Cabin surcharge 50
Pure Cabin
  • PURE cabins are LUX, A4 or AB4 cabins and they are available on Superfast VI & Superfast XI.
  • Occupancy of these cabins is not available on a per bed basis.
  • Single occupancy of an inside or outside PURE cabin (AB4 or AA4) has a supplement of 100% on the respective double occupancy. Single occupancy of a LUX PURE cabin has a supplement of 70% on the respective double occupancy. Not available on a per bed basis.
30%Valid only when outbound and return tickets are issued at the same time and in the same reservation code (passenger names and vehicle model and plate number have to be the same in both legs of the reservation). The reduction is already included in the price list.
FUEL SURCHARGEA fuel surcharge of 7€ per way, per passenger (excluding infants) and per vehicle applies. The fuel surcharge may be adjusted when appropriate (not included in the above fares).
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