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To us, the subject of climate change is the most alarming and challenging issue facing humanity today. To this end, we have started to take an ever-increasing number of steps towards a climate-friendlier planet.

Superfast Ferries was the first Greek passenger shipping company to receive ISO 14001 certification. (International Standard for Environmental Management).
We are calculating our environmental footprint.
We have started a set of “climate dialogues” with all our staff and crew in order to understand and tackle this challenge together.
We have significantly reduced our sulphur emissions by using more efficient, cleaner fuels.
We are promoting climate friendly alternative modes of travel by offering train & ferry packages within Europe and a 50% discount on the transport fares of all hybrid and electric vehicles.
We recycle paper, toner cartridges and batteries.
We use energy-saving light bulbs throughout our vessels (with the exception of safety lights).
Cabin air and hot water are heated via the waste heat from the engines’ exhaust gas.
Most of the on-board fresh water is produced by filtering seawater through a special desalination plant, thus ensuring that we add as little as possible to the water scarcity that exists in our region.
We follow closely all environment-friendly technological advancements related to the marine industry.
All printing and photocopies in our offices are made using 100% recycled paper.
If you would like to find out more about our programmes or how you can help with Climate Change issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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