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ATTICA HOLDINGS S.A. (ATTICA GROUP), a member of Marfin Investment Group (MIG), publishes the Corporate Social Responsibility Report of the Group for the year 2014, presenting the Group's performance on sustainable development and confirming our commitment to systematic and objective presentation of our actions within our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

ATTICA GROUP, a participant in the UN Global Compact since 2008, is the only passenger shipping company in Greece that, consistently and responsibly, publishes for the sixth consecutive year a Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

This year, taking a step further, the Report was drawn up for the first time in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative GRI - G4 "In accordance" Core, aiming at presenting our actions, effects, and commitments in social, environmental and governance matters, in an objective and transparent manner.

In the current edition, focus was given to the implementation of the procedure of materiality, which we completed during 2014, and which disclosed the issues that more closely relate to the responsible and sustainable growth of the Group, in combination with the expectations of our Social Partners.

Moreover, the Report highlights innovative activities and initiatives we have taken during the previous year, such as the cooperation with ECO MARINE POWER for the pilot installation of a photovoltaic module on board Blue Star Delos, with the aim to extend the project to other Group's ships, as well as the Group's active participation in the initiative of the Global Compact "Call for Action" on the effective treatment of the phenomena of corruption and bribery.

In his statement Mr. Spiros Paschalis, CEO of Attica Group, says:

"There is no doubt that, the Corporate Social Responsibility Report, is an administration and management tool of crucial significance. In this context, today we attempt to become more systematically involved in CSR policies and actions, so as to meet international standards and be ready for the statutory obligations to come. For all of us in Attica Group, our priority is to explore and develop opportunities, in the Greek as well as in the international market, which will enable us first and foremost to ensure that the Group will be profitable, in the interest of its shareholders, its employees and the Greek national economy. Profitability depends on entrepreneurship, development, quality, the economy, mitigating risks, building a solid reputation, "making the difference», standing out from the competition. Our voluntary initiatives and practices, which drive and complement our Group's responsible operation, will enable us to continue to lead developments in the decades to come".

Attica Group's Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2014 is available on the Group's websites, & in the Greek and English language.

Athens, 17 November 2015

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